Little Poms

Food: 5 stars
Service: 4 stars
Ambience: 4 stars

This is a must visit if you are heading to Christchurch!

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by a foodie friend in Christchurch to go and cook for a Ronald McDonald fund raising event. The 5-course degustation event was a great success but catching up with my Cantabrian friends was even better.  We met at Little Poms at 8am on a chilly Saturday morning.  It was so early that my friend’s evil alter ego – Dennis, was still dormant. Brisk as it was in the early morning mist, Little Pom’s engines were firing on all cylinders when we walked in.  There were three chefs wearing crisp, white uniforms.  Two extra large trays of scones and muffins were coming out of the oven. The air was filled was baking aroma as well as the welcoming scent of coffee beans.  I loved the slick, black tiles behind the baristas, which was sharply contrasted by the metallic lampshades and floral wall paper.   The food here is classic kiwi cafe fare on steroids.  You have to use your imagination – what would the perfect baked beans be?  How would you reinterpret eggs Benedict so that you are not bored to death by the same old, same old?  I have had plenty of pancakes in my time.  I love pancakes so much that I have a stomach especially set aside for them.  But alas, you have not had pancakes until you’ve tried Little Poms’ Blueberry hotcake, caramelised banana, ricotta vanilla cream, strawberries, toasted nuts with pure maple.  The hotcake took 18 minutes to make and they were not cooked on a griddle. They were baked in the oven. It was about 4 centimetres thick.  Just imagine you are eating a fluffy blueberry pillow that is infused with real Canadian maple syrup. Need I say more.


The dish Baked beans, poached eggs, white beans, chorizo, smoked tomato chilli sauce, Danish feta, Turkish bread was also a winner. I do have to warn you that the house made baked beans and chorizo were on the spicy side. Not for the faint hearted! The last dish I tried was Little Pom’s Benny, smoked bacon, poached eggs, cheddar buttermilk biscuits, corn, avocado, chipotle lime hollandaise. Now THAT is something you can’t get everyday.

Last but not least, if you are going to visit Christchurch, you should seriously consider staying at Little Poms’ sister property next door – Pomeroy’s on Kilmore. It is one of the best boutique B&B’s in Christchurch.  The rooms are reasonably priced and breakfast at Little Poms is included in the rate!



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