PappaRich, Wellington

Food: 4.5 stars
Ambiance: 4 stars
Service: 4 stars

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Malaysia has come to Wellington!

Just a few days ago, PappaRich opened its door in Wellington for the first time. It is a Malaysian restaurant chain that aims at recreating authentic Malaysian cuisine using age-old recipes.   PappaRich, with over 125 restaurants around the world, drew out the Asian community from the darkest corners and my oh my, did it deliver or what!

The dishes I tried were: Fried chicken skin, which was a popular choice among the diners and were flying off the counter. Dry curry egg noodles with curry chicken – the egg noodles were slathered in a delicious sweet soya sauce, resting on top of crunchy green kai-lan, there were also four generous pieces of tasty current chicken thighs. Pappa chicken rice with steamed chicken – this is a close relative of Hainan chicken rice. If I am to be picky, the skin of the Pappa steamed chicken seems to lack the beautiful bounciness that is typical of the Hainanese version. However, the soup and the ginger/chilli sauce that came with the meal were very authentic and utterly delicious. As for Pappa’s special nasi lamak with curry chicken and sambal prawns, it was a total feast and explosion of flavours. I was quite surprised by how spicy the sambal prawns were.  There is just enough heat to wake up all of the dormant taste buds in my mouth.  At $8.50, Roti canai (with curry sauce, sambal and another condiment) can be a great choice if you are not too hungry, or if you want to save some room in your belly for the huge variety of drinks and desserts.

My biggest fear was that we would be getting a cut down version of the real deal, with the menu offerings being cut down and spices being reduced. I am glad that this was not the case. I believe that the dishes, although sightly more expensive than many other mum-and-dad counterparts, are very well priced. A dinner for a family of 3, including a shared entree, three mains and two drinks, cost $69.  We all left very satisfied and am eager to go back for more.



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  1. I totally agree. It’s not the cheapest place to get Malaysian, but they have a huge menu. I love their Hainanese chicken rice and also with congee. Yum.


    1. I know, right. I am especially thrilled with their vast option of cold drinks but that is a very Asian thing. Have you tried the lychee, grass jelly and lime slushy? Delicious.


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