I am based in Wellington, New Zealand. I have a great love for cooking and eating good food.  I am also a passionate baker.


I provide catering for private parties. I can customize a menu for you that have the flavours that you love and will provide a bit of sparkle for your special event.

The largest party that I have catered for is 80 people.


Cooking Classes

I run private cooking classes for parties of 6-12 people. The current classes are:

Chinese dumplings 

In this class you will learn to make the classic Chinese dumplings, starting from making the filling, wrapping to tasting all of the condiments that makes the perfect dipping sauce.



In this class you will learn to make seafood wontons, starting from making the filling, wrapping, dipping sauce to making a beautiful Chinese chicken and mushroom soup.


All you need to do is to gather together a bunch of friends who are interested in engaging in some hands-on dumpling fun. The interactive lessons are three hours long. They start with drinks and nibbles and you will be fed a two course meal at the end of it. If you are interested, please get in touch.


If you knew me, you would know that I am always up for a challenge. In 2015, I put my name forward for the MasterChef New Zealand audition.  After two to three rounds of auditions, I won a place in the top 50 and was flown to Auckland to film the first two episodes.  It was a nerve wrecking experience for every contestant. Because we are all competitors, right? And the dozens of cameras and crew.  And the JUDGES!  It was surreal to look around me and realise that I was actually on the film set of MasterChef. Had to pinch myself. The elimination was brutal.  In two episodes, the top 50 became the top 24 and in we moved to the MasterChef House where I spent the next three months.  During this period I never knew what was happening from one day to the next. Even though I didn’t win the competition in the end, I learned a lot about my own character and made really good friends with people on the show.  Besides, I now have enough dinner party stories to tell for the rest of my life, not.

This year, after travelling for five months, I have decided to write about my passion even though all of the time spent in front of the computer might upset Mr Lily.  What I really want to achieve is to connect with people whom I may not meet with in real life and start a conversation about their love of travel and food, be it favourite restaurants, cooking techniques or the most memorable and spectacular cooking disasters.

I hope that you find some of the recipes useful to you.