Restaurant Reviews

When the waiter delivers the food to us in the restaurant, we usually see the food before we can smell it.  We can usually smell it before we can eat it.  Yes, eating comes last, way after the whole experience of securing a booking, being led to the table, offered drinks and menu options.  The experience is a package and that is what I write about.  No rosy glasses, no prejudice.  Just good, honest opinion.

To me, one the most important things  when reviewing a restaurant is that it delivers what it has promised. The overall experience for each review is colour coded. Green is awarded for my favourites, followed by YellowRed is reserved for restaurants that I would hesitate to revisit. Factors taken into consideration are the quality of the food, service, ambience and value for money.  Standards reserved for a fine dining restaurant would not be used to judge the food at a local pub.

Wellington, New Zealand

Arizona, Wellington CBD

Cafe Polo

Five Stags, Wellington

Hillside & Judge Bao, Wellington

Hippopotamus, Wellington

Khandallah Trading Company, Wellington

K Sing, Petone

Matterhorn, Wellington

Meet Fresh, Wellington

Mr Ji’s, Petone

Park Kitchen, Miramar

Phu Thai Lana

Tinakori Bistro


Sydney, Australia

O Bar, Sydney

Nomad Wine, Sydney


Christchurch, New Zealand

Little Poms